Social Distancing Mix Series

Face masks. 
Anxiety from confined spaces.  
Dousing yourself in hand sanitizer.
Your slutty roommate might kill you.

This may sound like your typical night out at the club, but it’s sadly just the opposite.  

We’re all stuck inside with too much time on our hands and the Double Scorpio team misses all our girls dearly.   So, we decided to do the next best thing and hire our favorite DJ’s to create a limited weekly mix series to recreate the dance floor that still lives on in our minds and hearts.   Even though we’re apart we can still be close… so let’s turn these mixes up and dance in our bedrooms until we can be together again. 

Mix No. 1 deep creep

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We kick off the series with our longtime partner in crime DEEP CREEP.  In the infancy of the Double Scorpio days our weekends were spent raging at Deep Creep’s parties where she would take over a family owned tamale restaurant and turn it into the rave dungeon of our dreams- with the smoke machines and margarita makers running on maximum impact.  

Deep Creep has relocated to New York where she continues to throw raves, curates the venerable πππ podcast series, and has a residency on the Lot Radio.  Her mix is dreamy, propulsive, and occasionally menacing- the perfect soundtrack for losing your mind in a cramped apartment.

Mix No. 2 Dylan Reece

This mix comes courtesy of one of our resident DJs and regular collaborator, Dylan Reece. Ms. Reece is a Texas native who co-produces our raves and designs our bottle packaging. Most importantly though he is a super fierce DJ that has been packing in Austin for years and recently venues around the country.

For this mix Miss Reece gives you Stevie Nicks on acid… house. Recorded in his home studio with candles ablaze and palo santo burning, Dylan gives us nearly an hour and a half riding tides of anxiety and release. This one is for all the apartment bound witches out there.

Mix No. 3 Father Figure

He will be your preacher, teacher, or emergency contact … anything you have in mind! Our next selector is the one and only Father Figure. He has redefined what it means to be bi-coastal by holding it down in the bayou with his New Orleans based krewe TRAX ONLY and for the last 13 years bringing you fog, sweat, and tears with one of the country’s longest running queer raves FAGBASH hosting a beyond impressive roster of America’s queer dance talent. He has helped put New Orleans on the map as a dance music destination with a variety of illegal raves in crumbling warehouses across the city. Now take a deep whiff of this hour long mix of raw psychedelic funk and disco.  

Mix No. 4 Orogaphic

This mix comes from our good friend @Orographic – everyone’s favorite Portland based forest ranger turned DJ. With this sprawling two and a half hour mix he explores wild landscapes of dub, funk, house and ambient that stretch to the horizon. The last time we were able to throw a party Orographic DJed to five hundred people packed into a CrossFit gym turned freak out zone and we miss that moment more than ever right now. This mix is helping us dream of brighter days.

Mix No. 5 Kathi

If gay men had their own version of Tigerbeat Kathi would surely grace the inaugural cover. She is the closest the queer house music scene has to JTT.Originally from Berlin, Kathi lived and DJ’d in New Orleans with Trax Only for many years, before moving to the West Coast, where she’s currently living her L.A. dream. She loves the rave and misses it dearly.This mix invites you to take a moment to feel it all: curious, anxious, horny, pensive, sad, amped, manic, chill… Whatever your senses are gravitating towards, accept that energy and roll with it. Best paired with DS, sativa, and self-love.

Kathi will be donating 50% of her venmo tips to SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project – USA)

Mix No. 6 Chorizo Funk

We’re all locked up in our bedrooms and this mix is about the new ways we can explore our moments within those walls. Chorizo is a Texas native and was recently named best DJ at the Austin Music Awards. Typically known for rowdy sets that bounce between hip-hop, reggaeton, and boogie, he has spent the last year exploring the seedier side of house. His omnivorous tastes are represented throughout.

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